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Your identity — who will you be? What story will you tell yourself?

The story you tell yourself about who you are is ultimately the life you live. No matter how that story is formed, we all act consistently to who we think we are.

Ever heard someone say ‘I’m just not that kind of person”? I’ve heard this plenty and my response is often of a challenging nature. “When did you decide that?” “Why did you decide that?” “What is your evidence to support that?” “How does that belief serve you?”

Often, when some or all of these questions are unpacked, it comes about that the type of person they thought they…

Anxiety is a term most modern-day parents and teachers are very familiar with. Trauma is another becoming common place in conversation.

1 in 10 kids are diagnosed with depression before 18yrs old

Part 1

Statistics suggest that one in 10 kids will be diagnosed with depression before they reach the age of 18. If this is the case, then SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING.

Advances in technology alone means childhood is almost unrecognisable to what it was in the past, even back just a few decades like the 80’s for example, I remember trying to get my timing right to hit play and record simultaneously on the cassette deck at the right time…

We are all consumed these days by the world wide web, but why don’t we take the time to log into our (the) Just Me Web?

The ‘Just Me Web’ is our own world-wide-web (www.)

The World Wide Web is a busy place, filled with bright lights and white noise. We spend a lot of our time and focus there, wondering what everyone else is doing, where are they going, who are they with. We use it as a marker for where we are in our own lives, but should we?

“Being consumed by the world wide web, gives us a lot of information and focus about the past…

Are you living up to yours?

Your potential…are you living up to yours?

Many people commonly believe that ones potential is having the capacity to develop into something in the future. The magic that is somewhere between where you are currently at and where you think you could be. However, in life, many choose not to take this path through fear and sadly, there is no greater sadness or burden left in life than YOUR unfulfilled potential.

The richest place is the cemetery.

“Les Brown says, the richest place in the world is not the bank, it’s the cemetery where people leave their unused gifts and talents.”

So, I want you to ask…

Too many people are not living their dreams…they are living their fears, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Living your dreams or living your fears?

Two days ago, I ran into an old work colleague of mine. He was a similar age to me, had two young kids, just like me. He left his secure, well paying job to chase his dream to become a pilot. He took a risk, took a leap of faith and jumped! And whilst he tells me it’s hard work, it is paying off. And more importantly…he has never been happier!

I don’t know what your dreams are or how hard you have worked for them. I do know that with dreams it is easier to say, “I can’t” than…

How to take the oxygen from your Inner Critic and take your power back!

Have you ever heard of the term, “Impostor Syndrome?” It’s a phrase given to people (usually high achievers) whom, despite their great accomplishments have an internal fear that they will be exposed as a fraud and ultimately found out. We are not talking about gut instincts here, we are referring to your inner critic, that little gnawing voice inside your head that won’t let go. And annoyingly… sometimes it doesn’t just say, “Don’t do this”, it says, “You’re not god enough”, “You’re a fraud” or “You’ll be found out!

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, your inner critic…

Should we care what other people think of our goals? No? …well maybe just a little.

Should we care about what other people think?

This week I received a query about how to deal with other people’s opinions of your aspirations and goals. Now, this is relevant to us, despite us often saying “I don’t care what other people think”. But we should care, but only to a certain level, the level where we do not let it adjust or modify our dreams.

“We are the ones that have the goal, the vision, we can see it. They may not be able to, and this makes it hard for them to understand what it means to us.”

People who love you will still give…

Developing good habits and rituals

Healthy eating; an important habit

We all have them, good bad or indifferent. They give us predictability, such as brushing our teeth or showering. This predictability and certainties of how we act and behave are great when they are balanced against the uncertainties in life. Things such as activities that push us outside our comfort zones. This is where the real growth happens.

“You have considerable control over your certainties, your rituals, your habits and your routines.”

Your habits help define who you are and provide evidence of how you are viewed by others. For example, if you go to…


PALC focuses on the health, wellbeing and mental fortitude of both adults and children, providing awareness and toolkits for life to fulfil their potential.

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